Data-driven coaching and purposeful walkthroughs with Dr. Mat Barnett

In this episode, we hear from Dr. Mat Barnett, Director of TK-12 Programs Beaumont Unified School District (CA). Mat began his career as a teacher in Anaheim, CA, and also held roles including junior high principal and director of education services in the Fullerton School District.

Mat describes his interesting journey to the education field, his approach to coaching and professional development, fostering student ownership of learning, and more. Hear about:
  • Professional learning focused on the entire classroom experience
  • Helping teachers focus on the things that are most valuable
  • How Classroom Mosaic enables data-driven coaching in the district
  • Clear communication around the purpose of walkthroughs
  • Feedback from administrators and teachers about purposeful shifts in coaching
  • Techniques to improve relationships between coaches and teachers
  • “You have to have that implementation-level data collecting tool.” Why this is critical for districts and how a tool like Classroom Mosaic supports educators. 
About today’s host
Tanya Sheckley is the Founder and President of UP Academy, a progressive elementary lab school in San Mateo, California. UP Academy is reinventing education by customizing learning for each student, integrating project-based learning throughout its curriculum, and supporting students with disabilities to attend alongside able-bodied students in mixed-age classrooms.

Tanya hosts the Rebel Educator podcast, speaks across the country on the future of education, and leads professional development programs for school administrators and educators. Listen to Rebel Educator here: 

About Classroom Mosaic:
We help K-12 leaders support, develop, and retain their teachers. For over a decade, we've worked with educators worldwide from districts large (100k students) and small (150 students) to transform instructional practice, guide professional development, and impact student learning.
We believe every student deserves a great education. And a great education starts with great teachers supported by great leaders. Learn more: 

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Tanya Sheckley
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Data-driven coaching and purposeful walkthroughs with Dr. Mat Barnett