This series shines a spotlight on the innovative edtech companies working to make a difference for students and educators.

Through conversations with the founders and CEOs, partner organizations, and the educators who are using their products in schools today, listeners hear about solutions relevant to their chronic challenges and opportunity-expanding ideas to go into uncharted directions.

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Physics and engineering teacher Ted Cuevas on reigniting his passion by empowering all learners

In this episode, Ted Cuevas, a physics and engineering teacher at High Tech High – Chula Vista (California), is our guest. He was the first teacher to start using Inkw...

Instructional specialist Amanda Anthony on empowering parents and differentiating to meet learners' needs

In this episode, Amanda Anthony, an instructional specialist with Connected Class, discusses her journey in education and shares insights on improving parent engagemen...

Classroom Mosaic co-founder Ben Gustafson on the necessity of easy and effective observations

Ben Gustafson, founder of Classroom Mosaic is our guest on the show today. Classroom Mosaic is a teacher observation platform that powers transformational leadership w...

CareerViewXR creators Katie and Matt Chaussee on learning experiences powered by augmented and virtual reality

Katie and Matt Chaussee, founders of Be More Colorful and creators of CareerViewXR, are our guests for this episode. They share the story of their company's founding a... founder Priten Shah on transforming teaching and learning with artificial intelligence

Priten Shah, the founder and CEO of Pedagogy.Cloud and, is our guest for the episode. Discussing the rise of artificial intelligence in education, Priten em...

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